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Maquila & Industrial Building Construction and Leasing in Mexico
Combination of Precast Concrete Walls and American Steel Building Components
Installation of Precast Concrete Walls

Construcciones Industriales de Nuevo Laredo specializes in the construction of industrial, commercial and maquiladoras buildings in Mexico. CINL is a pioneer in Mexico of the use of precast concrete walls in combination with prefab metal buildings to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. Whether industrial, manufacturing or distribution, if your company is looking to expand its operation into Mexico we can work with you provide a solution that is right for you and your company.
Expansion of Maquila Building in Matamoros
All Prefab Concrete Wall Industrial Building

CINL's patented insulated prefab concrete panel walls are designed to accommodate future expansion (expansions will integrate seamlessly with the original building) of the majority of our buildings. This ensures that our customers will not be boxed in when their business grows. The integration of a two inch polystyrene element into our concrete panel walls provide energy efficient buildings, that are long lasting and require very low maintenance.
Laser Level Concrete Floor
Heavy Load Resistant Concrete Floor at Fabtec Mitsubishi in Matamoros Tam.

All of CINL's projects have laser leveled concrete floors to provide great looking and long lasting buildings. If the project requires it, we can utilize reflective concrete floor treatment on the production area to improve lighting levels in combination with increased abrasion resistance for easy maintenance.
If your production process calls for reinforced concrete floors to sustain the strain of heavy loads or for zero movement of machinery we can provide them.

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