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Yellow Freight hub in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
Construction continues at the Yellow Freight project in Nuevo Laredo. CINL's patented prefab wall technology along with American Steel Building Co.'s U.S. manufactured buildings provide our customers with long lasting and great looking facilities.
Second Spec Building at Regio Parque Industrial
48,000 sq. ft. industrial facility Spec Building at Regio Park at 70% completion.
DBG leased buildin at Regio Park
The De Biasi Group of Canada leased Spec building #3 from Regio Parque Industrial.
Storage of precast Panel Walls for Regio Park Spec 72 Building
On the job site storage of CINL's patented precast insulated panel walls.
Constrution of offices at CINL's Apodaca Spec Building concrete floor
Work on the docking facilities of CINL's Apodaca Spec Building . This dock high building equipped with 16 ramps, is an excellent choice for a distribution center in the Monterrey metropolitan area and for northeastern Mexico.
Constrution of offices at CINL's Apodaca Spec Building concrete floor
Work on CINL's Apodaca Spec Building offices.
Please contact us for more information on this or any of our other available buildings in Mexico.
Concrete Panel Placement Regio Park at Multitenat Building
Placement of CINL's patented insulated prefab concrete panel walls at Regio Park's Multitenat Spec Building.
All of CINL's concrete panel walls have an integrated two inch polystyrene element to provide our customers energy efficient buildings.
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