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Pouring of Concrete Floor at The De Biasi Group Building
Work continues at a brisk pace at the De Biasi Group building at Regio Parque Industrial in Apodaca, N.L..
Advances shown in photo are: pouring of laser leveled concrete floor, painting of interior walls a setting of the roof deck.
Reinforcement and Retrofitting of Footings at Caterpillar's Reynosa Facility
The steel frame originally built to support an overhead crane is being reinforced and retrofitted to sustain walls and roof that will cover Caterpillar's outdoor production area.
Use of EUCO's Light Reflective Surflex
EUCO's Light Reflective Surflex was used on CINL's Apodaca Spec Building concrete floor. Light Reflective Surflex is designed to increase reflectivity (in excess of 60%) to improve lighting levels in combination with increased abrasion resistance for easy maintenance.
Yellow Transportation, Inc. Hub in Nuevo Laredo, Tam.
The concrete floor
Retaining walls of the exterior docking area at the Yellow Freight
Retaining walls of the exterior docking area at the Yellow Freight hub in Nuevo Laredo, Tam.
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