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Lucent Technologies in Matamoros, Tam.
Expansion to Lucent Technologies facility in Matamoros was completed and delivered. This project required relocating A/C and cooling equipment used by original building, this was done with no interruption to the production lines on the original building.
Expansion  of Comercial Encanto's  Warehouse Building
Placement of CINL's patented insulated prefab concrete panel walls at the Comercial Encanto warehouse expansion project. Comercial Encanto is a leading furniture distributor in México and needed the 12,000 sqft expansion to accommodate its growing business.
Comercial Encanto's  Expansion  at Almacentro Industrial Park
Comercial Encanto's warehouse building (originally built in 1994 by CINL and currently under expansion) was designed to accommodate future expansions. Once finished, the expansion will integrate seamlessly with the original building.
Comercial Encanto Warehouse at Almacentro Ind  Park in Apodaca, NL
CINL finished and delivered Comercial Encanto's 12,000 sqft expansion of their warehouse at Almacentro Industrial Park in Apodaca, NL.
Expansion of Matamoros maquila building.
Expansion of Matamoros maquila buildin.
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