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Maquila & Industrial Building Construction and Leasing in Mexico

The use of leading edge construction technologies by Construcciones Industriales de Nuevo Laredo assures our customers that they will be receiving the longest lasting and best looking industrial buildings in the market.

A combination of American Steel Building Company's, our patented prefab insulated wall panels and the use of internationally recognized equipment and accessory suppliers all come together to create the most efficient and on-time building solutions.

American Steel
Building Company
Insulated Precast
Panel Walls
American Steel Building Company Prefab Metal Buildings in Mexico  
On the job site pouring and storage of CINL's patented insulated prefab concrete panel walls
CINL's steel buildings are manufactured by American Steel Building Company of Houston, Texas and are covered by a 20 year warranty.

Our long standing relationship with American Steel Building Company, has resulted in highly integrated projects, in which all building components are included from the start of the any project.

Our patented insulated prefab wall technology provides for energy efficient buildings as well as on-time project completion dates.

Architecturally efficient and aesthetically pleasing buildings as well as clean job sites are our trademarks.

  Industrial Equipment
and Accessories
      Lighting, HVAC
and Electrical
CINL specializes in the installation of overhead cranes and additional industrial equipment   Industrial lighting, HVAC, electrical transmission and substations
We can provide any special equipment that your company requires such as:
  * Overhead Cranes
  * Sprinkler Systems
  * Waste Water Treatment
  * Water Storage
  *Clean Rooms
  * Compressed Air
  * Emergency Generators
  * Electrical Substations

Metal Halide lighting fixtures and split unit air conditioning units are all standard equipment in most of buildings.

We also supply High Voltage electrical substations and transmission solutions.

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