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Overhead Crane at Fabtec / Mitsubishi in Matamoros Tamaulipas
Overhead Crane at Fabtec / Mitsubishi at Niples del Norte in Apodaca N.L.

If your building needs calls for cranes, CINL can provide overhead cranes, gantry cranes and runway systems to meet your specific operating requirements, considering duty cycle, load capacity, operating environment and any special considerations. These can be included in the lease package.
Compressed Air Loop at Lucent Technologies Matamoros Plant
Rack System for Distribution Centers

CINL can include compressed air distribution systems, boiler and chiller systems, and cooling tower system to any construction project.
For distribution centers and for warehousing projects CINL will work to supply the correct shelving for your needs. Shown is a pallet rack installation, which maximizes your vertical space making full use of ceiling height. Cantilever racks, drive in / drive thru racks, carton flow rack and stack racks also available.
Overhead Doors and Industrial Metal Hollow Doors
Chemical Liquids Tank Farm at Parras Cone de Mexico

CINL utilizes industry standard loading dock safety products including: mechanical, hydraulic dock levelers; vehicle restraints, dock guard products; master control panels; and dock seals and shelters; rolling doors for commercial and industrial applications, hollow metal doors, frames, and hardware.
Liquid and chemical storage tanks as well as wastewater treatment plant also available.