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Maquiladora Building in Monterrey
CINL has added a new Designed and Built section to its web site. In this section we highlight some of our projects as they were designed and how they compare to the built and finished buildings. FINSA Monterrey Spec building shown.
Projected Building: Superferreteria La Michoacana, Morelia Michoacan
Architectural Rendering of Super Ferreteria La Michoacana's new hardware store.
Super Ferreteria  La Michoacana
CINL completed and delivered the Super Ferreteria La Michoacana building. We extend our warmest congratulations to Lic. Gerardo Sistos and wish him great success. Super Ferreteria La Michoacana is Morelia's newest and most modern hardware store.
ORC Plastics Leased Spec Building No 2 at Regio Park
ORC Plastics Spec Building No 2. at Regio Parque Industrial
Comercial de Herramientas Offices
The final work is being done to Comercial de Herramientas offices. When completed this building will be used as distribution for hardware products in the northern part of México.
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