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Maquila & Industrial Building Construction and Leasing in Mexico

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If you are looking to expand your business into Mexico, CINL offers you two great solutions for locating your business.

For those looking into establishing or relocating manufacturing facilities in Mexico, we have the Ramirez Industrial Park. It is located right on the Mexico / US border, in the town of Ramirez Tamaulipas. It is excellent for a Maquila plant.

For those of you that need manufacturing or distribution facilities to deal mostly with the interior of Mexico we recommend the La Silla Apodaca Business Park and Regio Parque Industrial in Apodaca, Nuevo León.
Ramirez Industrial Park is located 5 Miles south of the Free Trade / Los Indios International Bridge, in the town of Ramirez Tamaulipas, it is 10 minute away from the city of Harlingen , Texas, or half an hour from either Mcallen or Brownsville, Texas.
The park counts offers all standard utilities (water, sewer, electricity and telephone services), as well as a new two lane highway from the bridge to the park.
Ramirez Tamaulipas has an ample labor force, and does not suffer from the Labor Union problems that seem to afflict similar border cities.
Regio Parque Industrial (Regio Park), located in the city of Apodaca Nuevo León, is an industrial development designed to accommodate world class companies offering a site of international quality.
Regio Parque Industrial features such unique characteristics as its privileged location, the land composition, local and regional infrastructure.
Apodaca is the only place in all of Latin America that has two airports, an efficient road network and a beltway system that links it to the main highways of the region. It also has a railroad system in the industrial areas, satellite and electronic connections, shopping centers, training centers, professional and technical services, as well as qualified labor.

La Silla Apodaca Business Park is located in the City of Apodaca, N.L., at the Northeast of Metropolitan Monterrey.
The primary reasons for this location are the plentiful availability of people, infrastructure, communications to main highways and final destinations, short distance to the international airport, public transportation, as well as, the City of Apodaca proven support to this kind of Industrial Developments.


In addition to these Industrial Parks CINL also owns or has options in prime Industrial Real Estate in the cities of Matamoros, Rio Bravo, Valle Hermoso, Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas.