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Renta Nave Industrial de 2,172m2 Parque Finsa Apodaca N.L.


  • 1 Maquila Building for  Lease Maquila Building for Sale Or Lease
    23,379 sqft Industrial Building (19,716 sqft production, 3,663 sqft office)
  • 2 Renta o Venta Nave Industrial para Maquiladora Renta o Venta Nave Industrial para Maquiladora
    Nave Industrial de 2,172 mt2 (1,832 mt2 de producción y 340 mt2 de oficinas y servicios)
  • 3 Located in FINSA Industrial Park Monterrey
    The FINSA Park is very well kept and safe Park. It is only a couple of miles from the Monterrey airport.

This is a manufacturing or warehouse facility. It has over 15 % office area. It is in great condition. It was built 6 years ago but was unused and maintained for 3 years, so it is practically new. It has a standing seam UL 90 roof.

Adjacent 25,336 SQFT building also available, for a total of 48,716 SQFT, please contact us for more information.


Contact Us: USA:         (956) 543 9304
MEX:         011 52 (867) 719 2241
NEXTEL:    52*15*76102
City: Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico (SEE LIVE MAP)
Industrial Park: FINSA Industrial Park Apodaca
Total area: 23,379 sqft / 2,174 mt2
Warehouse: 19,716 sqft / 1,832 mt2
Office: 3,663 sqft / 340 mt2
Max clear height below frame: 27.5' / 8.38 mt
Min clear height below frame: 18.7' / 5.70 mt
Column spacing warehouse: 57' 11" X 27'-6" / 17.98 mt x 8.38 mt
Roof slope all:      8.33 %
Roof type all: 24 Ga Galvalum Standing Seam
Roof Insulation warehouse:   3"
Wall type warehouse:   From floor level to 8'-10" on sides-back and 17'-7" in front - C B masonry, and from there on insulated (3") 26 Gage Galvalum sheet metal.
Production Men: 2T,1U,2S
Production Female: 2T,2S
General office: 2T, 1U, 2S
Manager: 1T, 1S
Café area: 1S
Dock spaces: 2 docks with electro-mechanical Levelers
Access ramp: 1 fork lift or truck access
Car parking 14 Cars
Substation: 750 KVA - 34,500-480-277 3 Ph., 4 Line substation with transformer, and switchboard and 45 KVA dry trans. for office area.
Warehouse/dock and staging: 50 foot-candle - High efficiency Metal Halide
Office illumination: 100 foot-candle - Fluorescent 4/40 watt illumination system
Restroom illumination: 35 foot-candle - Fluorescent 4/40 watt illumination system
Exterior illumination:   250 Watt Wall Packs
Exit indicators: Yes Office area
Emergency lighting in office: Yes Office area
A/C    H/V:
Office: ACHV 1 ton / 220 sqft with electric heating
Production: ACHV 1 ton / 290 sqft with elect heating
Water storage: 5,000 lt.
Garden sprinkler system: Yes Manual
Exterior fence: 7' all perimeter Chain link fence
Fire Protection system with pump and hoses stations: Yes Diesel pump/jokey pump system - 10,000 lt cistern - 2 house stations
Compressor room: Yes 500 sqft with wall louvers.

For a full description of the building's specifications please download COMPLETE SPECIFICATIONS PDF.

If your company has additional equipment and installations needs we can work with you to include them as part of the lease.

Layout Drawings
Layout Drawing of 58,000 sqft Spec Building in Ramirez, Tamaulipas
Building Complete Specifications: Download PDF file 45 KB
Building Layout Drawing: Download PDF file 107 KB
Building Short Specifications: Download PDF file 64 KB
Office Layout Drawing:
Download PDF file 64 KB
Building Column Spacing Drawing: Download PDF file 118 KB
Bundled Building Layout Drawing: Download PDF file 75 KB
Bundled Building (adjacent) Elevation Drawing: Download PDF file 104 KB

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