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Spec Building at Regio Park in Monterrey

1.  Full set of as built drawings.
2.  Project manual.
3.  Necessary civil and mechanical engineering.
4.  Architectural design.
5.  Construction Permits and fees.( CFE and TELMEX payments are not included in contract ).

1.  Test of site soil for design purposes. All material and work will be tested for quality by
     a reputable laboratory (soil, concrete, steel, etc.).
2.  Preliminary work such as, removal of top 26" soil, project surveying and plotting.
3.  Compaction of natural ground to 90% Proctor, 98.5" of compacted imported material
     to 5% Proctor.

1.  Landscaping (See drawings).
2.  Perimeter 7' cyclone fence with 1' barb wire crown (See drawing).

1.  Excavation of finished platform.
2.  Cast in place isolated shallow footings  ( see drawing ).
3.  Back fill and compaction of finished footing.

1.  U.S. imported pre engineered, prefabricated steel structure, able to withstand the
     following sustained loads:
           wind loads...           90 mph
           roof live loads...      20 pfs
           frame live loads...   12 pfs
           aux. loads...            3 pfs
2.  Installation and painting with two coats of white non-rust enamel paint.

1.  Six inch thick Pre cast and pre tilt fc=3000 psi concrete panels, reinforced with
     fy=40,000 psi #3 steel rebar @1.75" with a 2" polyethylene core. All perimeter
     of building from bottom of concrete floor level to roof line.
2.  Two coats of interior latex paint on inside face and outside face (see drawings).

1.  24 gauge GALVALUM  Standing seam roof deck.
2.  Three inches of fiberglass insulation sandwiched between the steel deck and a
     galvanized (or nylon) wire mesh.

1.  Five inch fc=3000 psi concrete slab, reinforced with 6x6x6 electrowelded steel mesh.
2.  Controlled cracking @15', and cold joints @ 12'.
3.  Polyurethane self leveling control crack seal.

1.  Three feet wide and 4' thick walkway all perimeter of building.

1.  Six truk docks able to functionally accommodate 2 tractor trailers.
2.  Six 25,000 #, 6'x6' Hydromechanical levelers complete with bumpers.
3.  Six chain operated metal overhead curtains 8'x10'.
4.  Two concrtete ramp to acces production floor from street.
5.  Two 12' X 14' chain operated metal overhead door for access to plant from street.

1.  Complete hydraulic and sanitary piping according to design.
2.  Cinder block unit construction, completely covered with Lamosa tile (or Similar), color
     is governed by architectural design.
3.  Eighteen white elongated Lamosa toilets (or similar) with Sloan flush valves (or similar)
     and wood seat covers.  Three handicap stalls.
4.  Sanilock designer collection commercial grade steel partitions (or similar).
5.  Four white Lamosa urinals with Sloan flush valves (or similar).
6.  Twenty white Lamosa 19" Ovalin lavatories (or similar).
7.  Tile Covered reinforced concrete vanities in production area, color is subject to interior
8.  Wood vanities in office area.
9.  Ventilation system to maintain a fresh supply of air in rest rooms.
10. Four wood/formica counter and cabinet unit with sink in cafeteria and kitchen area.

1.  Interior steel or wood frame sheet rock office partitions with a textured finish..
2.  Nine foot high acoustic suspended ceiling (2'x4' grid).
3.  Two coats of  interior latex paint on walls.
4.  Interceramic office line (or similar) ceramic tile  12" X12" floor and carpet (optional)
     in executive office.
5.  Four inch ceramic base board throughout office.

1.  Emergency:  commercial grade hollow metal doors, including panic door locks and
2.  Interior office:  hollow core wood doors including locks and hardware.
3.  Interior office rest room:  hollow wood doors with privacy locks and hardware.
4.  Interior production to office, cafeteria, and rest room area:  hollow metal  door  with
     passage locks and hardware.
5.  Main entrance:  Anodized aluminum stile door and frame with glass and dead bolt hardware.

1.  Interior:  Anodized aluminum fixed frames and glass 1/8".
2.  Exterior:  Anodized aluminum fixed frames with 1/4" tinted anti ray glass.

1.  Eight inches of compacted base material to 95% Proctor.
2.  Parking lot to accommodate 40 cars. (1 1/2" asphalt).
3.  Dove chest curves on parking and maneuvering area.
4.  Parking lot exterior lighting.

1.  Two 2 hp hydropneumatic pump with a 60 gallon tank, 5000 Lt. concrete cistern, and
     an automatic pressure switch for building use.  One 1 hp hydropneumatic pump with
     60 gallon tank and automatic pressure switch for gardening use.

1.  Exterior illumination system consisting of 10-400 watt luminaries
2.  Emergency lighting system for office area, consisting of 12 incandescent luminaries
     with rechargeable battery packs (120 volts).
3.  Exit lighting system for office area, consisting of 12 incandescent luminaries with
     rechargeable battery packs (120 volts).
4.  Production area bathroom lighting system consisting of 4/40watt fluorescent drop in
     lamps able to produce 30 foot candle intensity.
5.  One metal halide illumination system consisting of 400 watt luminaries able to produce
     25 foot candle intensity in production (114 lamps).
6.  One fluorescent 4/40 watt drop in lamp system able to produce 100 foot candle intensity
     in office area (120 volt).
7.  Seventy current outlets (110 volts) in office/cafeteria area.
8.  Four current outlets (220 volts) in cafeteria area.
9.  One computer outlet system that consists of 30 preparations for installation of computer
     network system (Outlet box, conduit from outlet to above drop ceiling, does not
      include wiring)
10. One telephone outlet system that consists of 30 telephone outlets for office area
      telephone network system (wiring not included).


1.  One 13,200-480-277 ,3 PH, 4 LINE, _______ KVA substation with transformer,
     disconnection switch, and main switchboard. All connections, from property line to
     disconnect switch and from ransformer to main switchboard, are underground.   

1.  Air conditioning system at a rate of 1 ton/ 225 sqft in office area.
2.  Electrical heating system incorporated to A/C system in office area.

1.  Air conditioning system at a rate of 1 ton/ 310 sqft in production area. (150 Tons)
2.  Electrical heating system incorporated to A/C system in production area.

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